Alexis Diaz "The Cage"

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  • Image of Alexis Diaz "The Cage"
  • Image of Alexis Diaz "The Cage"
  • Image of Alexis Diaz "The Cage"


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Alexis Diaz
"The Cage"
Edition: 75
Size: 60 x 80 cm
Five layer hand-pulled screen-print on Hahnemuhle 300Gsm paper.
Signed And Numbered.

Over the past several years, Puerto Rican-born street artist Alexis Diaz has built an international presence, with giant murals covering everywhere from the side of a crumbling building in Bratislava, Slovakia to a makeshift billboard in the middle of the Arizona desert. He is known for his chimerical and dreamlike depictions of animals in a state of metamorphosis.
Alexis Diaz returns with us for his third limited edition screen-print which is based on his latest East London wall. As we are accustomed to with Alexis, "The Cage" features an insane amount of detail which is sure to leave you in awe of his skill and patience!

"The Cage" is an edition of 75, it measures 60 x 80cm, five layer screen-print on super fancy paper and it comes signed and numbered by the Puerto Rican superstar.

"The Cage" will be available exclusively on Tuesday, December 30th at 5PM UK for £175 each.

(Timezone Conversions: New York 12PM - Los Angeles 9AM - Tokyo 2AM)

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