Deih "Info Generation"

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"Info Generation"
Edition: 35
Size: 50 x 70 cm
Nine Layer Hand-pulled Screen Print
Hand-Finished, each one is unique.
Signed And Numbered.

It's back to school time! To kick-off the new season, we've worked with our friend Deih to create a new edition that pretty much summarize the social paradox we are in. Entitled "Info Generation", the Spanish artist brought to life this unique artwork which he described with the following words:

"We invented language to describe the world. To make it visible even when it was not present. Shifting the real world to another place in order to explain it. A line joined by two points, expanding the space and canceling time. Today we are transforming ourselves into those lines.

We are writing lives, information generating information, consuming it continuously, while traveling through a model that is larger and more complete than the original object. We have built a structure that grows in all directions and shines so intensely that it blinds us, leaving the world in the invisible darkness."-- Deih

This print is a limited edition of 35, it measures 50 x 70 cm, nine color hand pulled screen print on Hanemuhle 300GSM paper and comes signed and numbered by Deih. Each print is hand-finished by the artist making them unique. "Info Generation" is priced at £135 and limited at 1 per household.

“Info Generation” will be available at 5PM UK on Thursday, September 14th right here.

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