Felipe Pantone "Optichromie 69"

  • Image of Felipe Pantone "Optichromie 69"
  • Image of Felipe Pantone "Optichromie 69"
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Felipe Pantone
"Optichromie 69"
Edition: 35
Size: 50 x 70 cm
Six Layer Hand-pulled Screen Print
Signed And Numbered.

Felipe Pantone continues to overrun cities with his unique creations at an astonishing rate and these prints are a brave effort at capturing the charm of his craft.

Part of his "Optichromies" series, this print explores visual effects by the juxtaposition of intense colors (color spectrums, chromachrome, digital environments) and optical art elements (speed sensation, eye fatigue, excitement). They help Pantone to understand through visual work the way he operates in the times that we live in.

"Optichromie 69" is a limited edition of only 35, it measures 50 x 70 cm, six layer hand pulled screen print on Hahnemuhle paper. Each print comes signed and numbered by the Portuguese artist.

The print will be exclusively available through our store on Thursday, November 3rd at 5PM UK for $220 each.

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