Hua Tunan "Emerald"

  • Image of Hua Tunan "Emerald"
  • Image of Hua Tunan "Emerald"
  • Image of Hua Tunan "Emerald"
  • Image of Hua Tunan "Emerald"
  • Image of Hua Tunan "Emerald"
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Hua Tunan
Edition: 30
Size: 55 x 76 cm
Hand-Painted Giclee Print.
Each print is unique.
Signed And Numbered.

Chinese artist Hua Tunan returns with us for a brand new hand-painted edition entitled "Emerald". Hua Tunan combines traditional Chinese art with Western graffiti to create his own unique and stunning aesthetic.

Hua Tunan spent two weeks in his studio somewhere in China hand painting 30 birds, 60 eyes, 768 feathers and 2008 paint splatters onto this big birdie. As you might expect every print is unique.

"Emerald" is a super-tiny edition of only 30, the print measures 50 x 70 cm, each one has been individually hand-embelisshed creating a variation on each one. "Emerald" comes signed and numbered by the talented Chinese artist.

"Emerald" will be exclusively available right here at 4PM UK on July 14th 2016 for $500 each.

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