REKA "Luna Eclipse"

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  • Image of REKA "Luna Eclipse"
  • Image of REKA "Luna Eclipse"
  • Image of REKA "Luna Eclipse"
  • Image of REKA "Luna Eclipse"


In stock

"Luna Eclipse"
Edition: 35
Size: 50 x 50 cm
Ten Layer Hand-pulled screen-print on 300r Hanhemuhle paper.
Signed And Numbered.

Our friend REKA first started as a graffiti artist in the 1990s, moving to street art including large murals later. He has already exhibited his work in many countries, in Denmark, France or the United States, and created many murals across the world, from Australia to Canada through London, New York, Berlin or Milan. His work is inspired by cubism, art deco, modern art, but also the aesthetics of ancient Greece.

"Luna Eclipse" was produced during his artist residency with Mission To Art and Street Alps, a project that brings an eclectic line-up of painters to the city of Turin to work on various murals and produce an exclusive print. The proceeds of this release will be used to fund this unique artistic program.

This brand new edition is a super limited run of 35, it measures 50 x 50cm, ten layer hand pulled screen print on 300Gr Hahnemühle paper. The print comes signed and numbered by the popular Australian artist.

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